Public Safety and Transportation


Smoking Safety

Fires caused by cigarettes and other smoking materials are preventable.

Every year almost 1,000 smokers and non-smokers are killed in home fires caused by cigarettes and other smoking materials.

The U.S. Fire Administration is working to help prevent home fire deaths and injuries caused by smoking materials.

You can make a difference!

Smoking and Home Action Steps

  • If you smoke, smoke outside.
  • Wherever you smoke, use deep, sturdy ashtrays.
  • Make sure cigarettes and ashes are out.
  • Soak cigarette butts and ashes in water before throwing them away.
  • Check for cigarette butts in furniture or on the floor.
  • Never smoke in a home where oxygen is used.
  • If you smoke, fire-safe cigarettes are better.
  • Be alert!
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