February 16, 2018

Threat Assessment Team Information

To the Adelphi Community:

Recent events nationally have made us all too aware of the random and unpredictable nature of violence. The tragic shootings in Florida have made a deep impact on our community. Those of us who work in Public Safety agree it is a good time to make sure we all know what to do in case of an act of violence on campus.

Anyone who becomes aware of a troubling situation that is causing serious anxiety, stress or fear, with possible immediate risk of violence to self or others, should call Public Safety at 516 877 3511, or dial “5” from any campus phone. These numbers are printed on the back of your Adelphi ID card. We will immediately answer and respond. Please be assured we are working around the clock for your safety.

More information about campus safety and answers to some frequently asked questions can be found at the Public Safety website.

In addition to our regular safety precautions, Adelphi also has a working Threat Assessment Team, founded in 2008 in response to the tragedy at Virginia Tech in 2007. Adelphi was one of the first institutions of higher education in the country to implement this recommendation, and it has since developed into a strong working team. The team is coordinated by the executive director of Public Safety and is designed to monitor and discuss reported incidents and implement action plans as necessary.

The team is composed of 18 department heads and a wide range of specialized health and support service field members. The team also includes one or more members of senior staff. The chair of the team may invite the participation of the Garden City police or other uniformed service personnel, as appropriate.

I thank the team members for their ongoing efforts to preserve the safety of our community.

(Please note that the work of the Threat Assessment Team relates solely to addressing potential or actual serious safety issues involving members of the campus community. It does not supersede, supplant or replace the University’s current judicial procedure or the protocols for reporting incidents and safety concerns.)

Preserving the safety and security of students and employees is a top priority for Adelphi. If you see something, say something—as quickly as you can pick up your cell or get to a campus phone.

Thank you,

Robert F. Hughes
Executive Director
Public Safety and Transportation

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For further information, please contact:

Public Safety and Transportation
Levermore Hall, Suite 113
p – 516.877.3500 or dial "5" from any on-campus phone

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