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Adelphi Locksmith Services

Locksmith services for keying and security systems at Adelphi University

The locksmith maintains the efficient and effective operation of all door-locking hardware across the Adelphi campuses to provide a safe and secure environment for students, University personnel and visitors.

The locksmith is also responsible for all key requests, replacements and returns. A key control database which tracks the status of all University-issued keys and key holders is also maintained.

Key Requests

All key requests must be submitted by the department head or authorized personnel through the University’s Footprints Work Order System, which can be accessed through eCampus services. The requester will be notified at their contact phone number when the key can be picked up at the Office of Public Safety.

Keys are assigned to specific individuals, and therefore must not be loaned or borrowed. If a key is no longer needed, it must be returned to the Department of Public Safety for reassignment.

If a key is to be permanently transferred from one person to another, it must first be authorized and approved by the Locksmith. This is also done by the department head or authorized personnel through the Footprints Work Order System.

» Footprints Work Order System

Lost or Stolen Keys

Lost or stolen keys must be reported to Public Safety immediately. A Lost or Stolen Key Replacement Form must be completed by the department head AND the key holder. The completed form should be brought by the keyholder to the Public Safety 24-hour Public Safety Command Center located in Levermore Hall, Suite 113 to obtain an Incident Report Number.

Once the number is obtained and written on the form, it should be dropped off for processing at the Department of Public Safety.

Please note that a lost or stolen key will not be automatically replaced.

» Lost or Stolen Key Replacement Form

Lock Repair, Replacement or Installation

All lock work order requests must be submitted by department head or authorized personnel through the Footprints Work Order System.

Emergency Services

All emergency lockouts and service requests can be directed by anyone to Public Safety at 516.877.3511.

For further information, please contact:

University Locksmith
p – 516.877.3512 during business hours

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