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Public Safety and Transportation


Bystander Intervention

Know strategies for how to help a victim in need of help.

Bystander intervention means safe and positive options that may be carried out by an individual or individuals to intervene when there is a risk of dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking. Bystander intervention includes recognizing situations of potential harm, overcoming barriers to intervening, identifying safe and effective intervention options, and taking action to intervene.  Additional areas considered for bystander intervention include the witnessing or having knowledge about hazing, discrimination, medical emergency, and acts of discrimination.

Bystanders are less likely to intervene if more people are present each assuming someone else may be more qualified to intercede. However, once one person steps up to help, the group will likely be more willing to assist.

Bystanders should notice the emergency, interpret it as such, assume personal responsibility for acting, choose a strategy and implement that strategy. A strategy could be as simple as saying something to the potential violator to stop the action, calling someone to help such as public safety, the police or other appropriate authority such a counselors, professors, or if safe to do so step in before the situation escalates.

Bystander training begins at orientation for incoming freshman students, all transfer students, new employee orientation, and continues throughout the year for student organizations, sports teams, faculty training and administrative positions.


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Public Safety and Transportation
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