Public Safety and Transportation


Avoiding Con Games

Don’t be fooled by scams and con artists.

A wide variety of con artists operate on the streets. Adelphi students are not exempt from their wiles. Take heed of these warnings.

  • Beware of strangers offering to include you in any quick money-making deals and also beware of chain letters and pyramid schemes
  • In most con games, there are usually at least two participants. One person adds credibility to the other one’s story.
  • Con artists often want you to put up some money to show good faith.
  • Con artists will frequently pretend ignorance of the local environment and get sympathy to help accomplish some type of financial transaction.
  • In one common game, con artists put up their own money to show their cooperation. Your money and their money are put together in a handkerchief. They often give you the money to hold, but, in demonstrating how to keep it secure, they place it in their pocket where the handkerchief is switched: You get the one with worthless contents. They may give you directions to some office or bank and will be gone when you return.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

You probably think that you would never be fooled by such ploys. But these people are convincing. They may represent themselves as strangers, lawyers, bankers, or law enforcement officers. At home they may say they are repairers, meter inspectors, or salesmen with bargains. Demand credentials and question people thoroughly.

There are no circumstances under which any legitimate authority will ask you to withdraw any money from a bank or surrender your valuables.

If you become a victim, report the crime immediately to Adelphi Security and to the police.

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